Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sorry! Blogger enervates me...

I am sorry guys, I am trying to change some "labels" and I seem to have some problems with this new blogger system, because I am messing it up!
I hope to manage it soon :)

Inspiration in yellow and turquoise...

A new home.
A new town.
A new life.
I will go to university.
I will get to know new people.
I will grow.

And to face all those exciting (but also a bit terrifing) experiences ahead of me with more calmness, I want my room to be my oasis of cosiness and my safe place. That in mind I thought a lot about colours. Its not like I could let my creativity run free, a low budget and dorm rules (like "no wall paint") retain me. But I am sure that I will feel home there very soon and I look forward to a change!

Here is my inspirational-mood-board

I love Sybil - that Wallpaper is so beautiful!
this is the perfect room decoration! - Sorolla, Van Gogh

a modcloth dress I utterly adore! - such a cool idea for an original mirror!

I wish I could paint the walls in my room, but the dorm is strict! - Pushig daisies makes me happy... and hungry for a pie!
I saw this beauty in the Prado Museum and it was love at first sight! Doña Amalia
(Unfortunatly all pictures where in my "inspiration" file folder and I can't link them back, let me know if you are better informed ;) )

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A sunny sunday in Madrid! (Part 2 - Retiro, museums etc.)

Madrid is a beautiful city! The architecture is amazing, there are very interesting museums, the nightlife is famous for its variety - and if you want to relax and enjoy nature you don't have to travel far, because in the middle of the vibrant town centre you can find the "Retiro".

el Retiro - you can really relax there!
El Retiro is a huge a park that belonged to the spanish monarchy until late 19th century when it became a pubic park. The main features of the park are the Palacio de Cristal (Crystal Palace), an artificial lake, several sculptures, the rose garden and the Palacio de Velázquez.

the crystal palace
The Crystal Palace is simply magic! The building seems to be delicate and fragile, the shafts of sunshine break through the glass and disperse... but on the other hand the palace survived over a century and in contrast to the much more unromantic present this edifice imparts a feeling of resistance, like a contemporary witness telling about glorious times in another decade (you know, I can be very passionate about architecture sometimes lol.)

They do exhibitions here. A few years ago they layed up the flor with mirrors. I wish I could have seen that!

The building beneath is the "Palacio de Velazquez. They do exhibitions there as well, but the interior space itself its worth to see.

Palacio de Velázquez
 The botanical garden was nice, but some areas were a bit uncared-for if you ask me.

bontanical garden near the Retiro (3Euro entrance)
The day I explored the city the finale of the "Vuelta a España" (Tour of Spain) took place. Some main streets were blocked and many fans came to see their bicycle-heroes flash past! I was curious so I stepped forward to the barrier, that was the moment when everyone began to shout "Viene Contador! Allí viene Contador!" ("Contador is coming! There is Contador!"). And I may not be an expert but I knew he was the guy winning the tour. So lucky me, without expecting it, saw the highlight ;)

by chance I saw the winner (Contador) flashing past :D
I wanted to see the "Hopper" exhibition (Thyssen Museum) that day, but the tickets were sold out. So I visited the famous and enormous "Prado" museum.
The Fashion/Costume Museum is actually one of my favorites among all museums I ever visited, so I had to go again this time. Sadly it was prohibited to take photos there (as well as in the Pardo), but if you are interested in Costume History you should definetly see it. It is fashion paradise (beginning with medival fashion till present)!

So that was my day in Madrid. Sadly I didn't make it another day, but I assure you the time I spent with my grandma instead was worth it as well ;)

I hope you can find the time (and money) to visit Madrid someday :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

A sunny sunday in Madrid! (Part 1 - El Rastro)

My time in Madrid was wonderful! I spent a great week with my "yaya" (granny) and her sister, they live together and are the most adorable couple ever! I really do miss the chess matches with my yaya, or them discussing fervent over wether the presenter of the tv quiz is handsome or not.
Now I am back home and in the process of moving into my first own domicile (a room in a student hostel), but more about that later this week :)

So what did I do in Madrid, except from meeting countless members of my family? Well, I walked through the streets till my feet were bleeding, literally! I started my city tour sunday at 10am and got home barely able to set one foot in front of the other at 7pm.

And here is my city tour in pictures

using the "metro" - in a short amount of time where ever you want to be in Madrid :)
I started my tour at the "rastro", one of europes most famous flea markets
I own a similar leather bag so I stopped myself from buying another... maybe I regret it now... just a bit...
You see this two beauties? Well, I bought the girl and continued walking through the streets. But as I passed the same booth again one our later, I heard her whining in my bag. She missed her other half, so I had to give in. Now they live happy together on my bookshelf :)
Somewhere between booths there was this amazing vintage shop!
It seems I found another personal heaven!
this shop was really romantic and magical...
I LOVE dollhouses and even more in pastels :)  (this is a different shop, a gypsy selled antique fabrics here - I wish I could have bought some, but it would have turned out difficult to take it home - hand baggage limits blabla)
the painting is cool... I didn't notice it till now :D
Yeah, the rastro is great! There is an area for antiques, there are booths with new stuff, shops with furniture, a plaza where people meet to exchange collectible cards/sticker etc.
The only negatives are, that it is a very crowded event and you should always be careful with your bag/wallet because there are organized pickpockets!

(City tour to be continued...)

I want to go back and buy them ALL!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My plane departs in a few hours

Yes, I'll be off again for a week, because I am visiting my family in Madrid!
And I want to go to the "Fashion Museum", the Sorolla museum, explore the city and the "rastro" (one of the biggest flea markets in europe), if I get some freetime between all the family meetings ahead of me.

So see you soon, lovley readers! I am sorry for leaving my blog again, but I promise to come back with some good stuff :)

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