Saturday, October 6, 2012

Establishing my new home

I am writing you from my new home! I moved into the student dorm located in the university campus of Mainz (Maguncia). Everything is new and exciting right now - I get to know new people every day and I am so busy doing nothing that I have barley time to eat or sleep!

My room is very nice. I am not finished with decorating it yet and most of my clothes and stuff are still at my parents home (250 km from here). But I want to show you all at least a sneak peek of my room

Well as a some-day-to be film scholar this is my shrine!
The jewellery corner
the cutest carousel :)

Ah, and of course a random picture of me and Mona Lisa :)

PS: I brought my vintage sewing mashine with me, but I have to admit I had no time to use it yet. But because I mentioned that I sew, the guys I live with (in a shared flat - I am the only girl among 7 men!) want me to sew them bathrobes :D
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