Saturday, June 30, 2012

A few thoughts on "vintage"


Gemma author of the blog "Retro Chick" posted about a topic that is pretty current in the "vintage society" right now.  Her article "The “Vintage” Backlash (Or Why I Won’t be Hanging Up My Petticoats)" explains that the "vintage style" has become mainstream and that some people are using it in their way to make a lot of cash. Magazines (for example) are dictating vintage as a sort of current "fashion musthave" and somehow "disturbing the Bohemianism of the suburb vintage-movement". I loved her article, because she wrote (what I think) is the essential solution to that "problem":
"Individuality is great, but if you’re allowing what other people like or don’t like to dictate your style, then you were never individual in the first place. If you like those victory rolls don’t give them up just because everyone is wearing them (...) It’s your life, your look, and you should never let anyone tell you how you should look, think, or feel."

If you are furthermore interested in what I think, please keep ignoring my horrible english and read my comment on that post:
I loved this post! I really really adore… well “vintage”, as defined by the fashion between 1910-1960s (thats the frame I put “vintage” in). And usually I notice, that it bothers me when people call something “vintage” that in fact, has just a flower print or is grundge or just cheesy. I like cheesy things too or a Nirvana-Shirt (oh how I love Nirvana), but that is not “vintage” for me!
As a child I always wanted to buy clothes I could do a time travel with! I used (as I do now) to watch old movies and so I had a bit of an idea how people dressed in other decades. As a teenager I started reading books about the history of fashion and I went to a lot of fashion museums. And I am the only person in my circle of friends that is able to distinguish 30s/40s/50s in terms of “design”.
(I hope my english is comprehendible :D :D )
But sadly I have just a few real vintage pieces in my wardarobe, they are hard to find here and I have no time to do pincurls everyday or so. Nevertheless as I started blogging I called my blog: “Vintage Tagebuch” (= vintage diary), because I want to record my process of changing my wardrobe into something that reflects my hobbies, my ambitions and the things I love. And no magazine or so insinuated me that.
Soon I noticed that maybe I shouldnt have used the word “vintage” for my blog title because people expect different things hearing that word.
A hipster wants a cool and stylish modern look.
An experienced “vintage” woman maybe thinks I am just another girl that has no idea what vintage is and that I am just one of the fellow-runners; due to the fact that I am not 100% vintage.
So yeah, sometimes I felt intimidated and pulled of because I thought “Oh no, other vintage bloggers hate me”. There are so many vintage people out there that fear every newcomer is a threat for their Bohemianism.
But I know, it is OK if I mix a 20s pair of shoes with a 50s circle skirt and if I buy some repro/high street stuff because I cant find real vintage or if I just go out without pincurls, because doing it differently to please others would be just silly. Some people might think thats not “vintage enough” to be called so and I accept that, but I hope my blog name does not offend them. Dont hate me :D :D !
I am just beginning to find my own style and I love you for this sentence: “It’s your life, your look, and you should never let anyone tell you how you should look, think, or feel.” So… thank you. I guess this comment is veeery long now :D sorry

Well let me know what you think!


And yes, maybe its not very ... elaborated and to "mainstream" for some people, but I am a huge Marilyn Fan - so there must be photos of her ;)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

well, seems like school is over...

Last friday was prom night - uhuuu. I finished school and got my "Abitur", the diploma from German secondary school qualifying for university admission or matriculation.

I had the honor to deliver the "last speech" ... oh my, now that school and english classes are over, I fear my english is becoming very... decadent :D
me with my diploma looking really silly ;)
Well, anyhow, I tried to held a funny speech and looking at the fact that the audience was laughing pretty much I guess I did it! Afterwards I got plenty of compliments from strangers and classmates as well - I was pretty overwhelmed and I cant tell how much my self-confidence increased for that day!

Ich hab mein Abitur, wohhuuu :D
Schule ist um, wohuuu! Mhmm... jetzt muss ich mich wohl oder übel langsam an der Uni bewerben, da geht spätestens das ganze wieder von vorne los! :D

Da ich die Abirede gehalten hab, steh ich auf den Fotos mit nem Mikro in der Hand rum. Ich wollte keine ernste, formelle Rede halten und ja, der Saal hat tatsächlich viel gelacht ;) Danach habe ich so viele Komplimente von fremden Leuten, Eltern, Lehrern und meinen Mitschülern gekriegt, dass ich sozusagen natürlich denn ganzen Abend grinsen musste - was mein Honigkuchenpferd-Gesicht auf den Fotos erklärt...

Leider ist nichts von dem was ich anhabe wirklich vintage. Die silbernen Schuhe sind übrigens von Peter Kaisers und ein TRAUM! Ich hatte noch nie so schöne und gemüüütliche Pumps! Die könnte ich den ganzen Abend tragen ohne etwas zu merken. Man läuft darauf wie auf Wolken. Und nein ich habe nicht den üblichen Peter Kaisers Preis von 140Euro gezahlt. Ich hatte Glück sie bei einem Amazon-Angebot für nur 40Euro zu bekommen ;)
Kleid: Astraphal Jäckchen: Steps

Monday, June 18, 2012


I made crochet-plans, so naturally I had to make some for sewing as well!
I did not aimed for it, but end up noticing every fabric I chose from my stash is a floral one! The patterns are more or less simple. I am still a beginner and I think I should advance step by step :)

I would love to hear what you think of those patterns!

Friday, June 15, 2012


I feel bad for the lack of posts on my blog lately. Finals are over, I finished school and soon I'll apply for the university in Mainz. Uhhu, pretty exciting for me!


Well, crochet is something that calmes my nerves, so I made plans for new projects.This is a collage of the cardigans I am want to crochet next. Well I guess it will take months, but who knows? Sometimes I can be pretty obsessive finishing garments.

I am not sure about wether to make the last cardigan or a jumper in nougat brown instead.

Let me know what you think of these designs :)
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