Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amsterdam - 1953 Retro and Chic

I am tempt to say that this is the best vintage shop in Amsterdam, but sadly it seems more likely to say the best vintage ... museum - because actually it is far too expensive (70 for a 60s blouse, 150€ for a rather simple dress...) but I could have spent hours there just admiring the treasures!

Ready to go in there? Well, then follow me ;)

It felt like entering my personal idea of heaven!

All those cute dresses! A 50s frock hanging next to a "downton abbey" gown!

And oh my favorites: the cabinets filled with antique obects!

I am still in love!

So if you visit Amsterdam go there (here is a link) and be prepared to fall in love! Maybe you have to part (like I did) heart broken, because you could not afford your favorite treasure, but I assure you, its worth a visit ;)
And if you have money you want to spent on something beautiful, you will find it there for sure!


  1. Als ich zum 2. oder 3. Mal in Amsterdam wa, da habe ich mich in einem Kleid verliebt das bei. diesem Laden im Schaufenster hing. Das war über 300 euro .. Dann bin ich zum Waterlooplein gegangen und habe dort mehr Kleider für viel weniger Geld bekommen. Bist du schon zum Waterlooplein gewesen ?

    - Jip.

  2. those 60's style type dresses are so gorgeous!! That store does look fantastic, too bad the prices were so high!

  3. That place is so cool, but yes a bit expensive.
    I buy most of my vintage clothes on bootsales. :) Much cheaper.


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