Friday, July 20, 2012


Well, the last few weeks there has been a lack of posts on my blog for several reasons. The weather here in Germany is pretty horrible and my mood a bit low. So I rewatched serval of my favorite old-movies like "Lili" for the umpteenth time to cheer me up a bit.

But another reason for my absence was in fact that I could catch a few shafts of sunshine in Bavaria (the south of Gemany) on a short vacation there. I've visited Munich and admired a lot of beautiful buildings and I had a great time there with two of my best friends and a lot of ice cream.

I've done a bit of sewing as well on my vintage "Pfaff 1222". It was my grandmas and she bought it in the 60s. In many aspects its way better then the 70s "Privileg" sewingmashine I've been working with before! Soon I'll post about some finished projects.

And yeah, I ate a monstrously big strawberry! I know that does not count as an apology for my absence, but I guess me staring at this took its time too ;)

I thought an awful lot about a new haircut. I am playing with the idea of a fringe... Any suggestions? :) + P.S.: Another obsession: the "Hunger Games" euphoria hit me quite hard, I could not stop reading until the end of book one. And the second part is just waiting to suck me in.

via - I love this little crossover!

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