Thursday, February 16, 2012

Interpret des Tages - Leftover Cuties

"Leftover Cuties doll up vintage jazz-pop for the speakeasies of 2011, and in their hands it's easy to hear why this sound never grows old... Just add scotch and a cigar. " - BuzzBands LA

Meet the Leftover Cuties!

"(Ukulele) is a real instrument!" - Austin Nicholsen

  Game called Life (The Big C intro song)

"great job guys! I'll always be a fan. glad I found you a few years ago in that downtown bar playing your lovely tunes." - youtube comment

Places to go

"Love it, it reminds me of the summer breeze."- youtube comment

Poker face (Lady Gaga Cover)

"This is the best cover I've heard -- better even than Lady Gaga's original. Love it!"- youtube comment

When you're smiling :)

"I am so happy now! :D"- youtube comment

You are my sunshine

"Personal fave. Reminds me of my mom."-youtube comment

White Christmas 

Schade das Weihnachten schon vorbei ist - so eine schöne Version!

Happy Song (live)

"Cute and catchy. I love this song! Just found these guys the other day by accident. It won't be long before they're really well known. Infectious! Unforgettable! Can't wait to hear the first album." - youtube comment

And here - you HAVE to watch this! I almost cried cause its so touching :´)

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