Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Southside Festival 2013

Above you can see Jesus! We met him! And he was telling us about the curing powers of beer!
Where did we met him? Well, we went to the Southside Festival!!!

A cousin of mine is part of a band that was headlining the festival and he really got us FOUR free tickets!
I was so grateful, I promised him 300 bottles of holy beer, but I think I will only be able to bring him 3 to spain this summer (because I am going on a vacation wuuhuuuu - more on this topic soon!)

The concerts we went to (Gogol  Bordello, Frank Turner, Irie Revoltes, SKA-P and a few more) were AMAZING!
I had a great time and I am going to remember the whole festival with the dearest feelings!

We had luck with the weather in general, very hot by day - but unfortunately icy in the afternoon.

Our camping neighbors were throwing steaks through the whole camping area
Ever seen so many people in a car this size?
I was laughing so loud that every one passing by had - at least - to smile ;)
watching the clouds passing by totally relaxed

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