Friday, April 5, 2013

The beautiful Lake Constance!

It feels like ages I haven't posted anything on my blog and actually it is nearly half a year. I feel sorry for that, because I missed it all the time, but this past six months have been so crazy for me -
I fell in love with my studies, with a lot of new people I met here and with a neighbor of mine in particular. The first month was like I couldn't be any happier, but actually not any more stressed either from all the fun things I was doing. Then I got really sick and it took me quite a long time to recover.

In the break between my first and second semester my beloved neighbor took me to "Konstanz", in order to relax and recover from some hard exam weeks. We had three great days at the lake constance although the weather was very german (grey and rainy and brrrrrr).

We also visited the Napoleon museum nearby in Switzerland. I loved it. It is a beautiful little palace and the interior its kept mostly like Hortense de Beauharnais and her son Louis Napoleon established it.

The view from the little mountain this palace is on, is just amazing!

The secondhand Shops I found in Constance were quite boring and expensive if you ask me.
(PS: But last month I got some really cool antique stuff from a nice lady I sadly never got to meet, more on that in my next post ;) )

Our Hotel was very great! The people there were extremely friendly and recommended us the best Chinese restaurant in the city! If you ever go to Constance then sleep here and eat here ;)

In a week university starts again. Hopefully I will manage to attend studies, my blog, fun and friends in a more balanced way this semester.

I leave you now with a few photos from the trip and I hope to see you around here next time I post something, which will be soon!

Liebe Grüße!!
Eure Luna :)


  1. Amazing photographs and an endearing write up! Thanks for providing a virtual window to see through the beautiful city thanks to your blog post:)


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